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End o’ beta featured on Adotas.com

January 18, 2011—Canned Banners Cuts Out The Display Middle Men

“Today, a young startup named Canned Banners left beta. They launched in January of 2010 and provide a fast and easy online display ad creation tool for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).” visit Adotas.com to read more

Banner ad sharing featured on AdOps Online

September 22, 2010—Self-serve Ad Creation Platform Canned Banners Debuts Free Ad Sharing Feature

“Enhancement allows advertisers and ad sales reps to create and share Flash banner ads online.” visit AdOps Online to read more

Banner ad sharing featured on Adotas.com

September 15, 2010—Free to Share Your Canned Banners

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words does that make a Flash-based banner ad worth? And is it enough to convince a client to dive in into a mound of impressions?” visit Adotas.com to read more

Passing the Creative Baton to Clients

Had another column published on adotas.com yesterday. This one’s kind of aspirational, mostly food for thought. Since agency staff expend so much time and energy on that last bit of the creative process (the bit where the client wastes everyone’s time making lots of small creative changes that will have NO measurable impact on campaign effectiveness), wouldn’t it be great if some of that tedious hand-holding could be offloaded onto software? I think everyone would be happier. Clients would get their stuff faster and agency people would have more time to focus on adding real value.

This kind of efficiency is what Canned Banners offers, albeit on a smaller scale. We provide high-quality creative ideas in the form of banner ad templates and then we let our customers apply the finishing touches with their own text, images, and logo. We also add another creative spark with our “wildcard” options that are different for every banner.

Anyhoo, this is the column:

June 30, 2010—Passing the Creative Baton to Clients
“If you’re on the agency side, it’s not your imagination; client attention spans really have shrunk to such minuscule proportions that they can now be measured only by subatomic particle research equipment.” visit adotas.com to read more