Custom Display Creative: The Need for Speed

Happy Cinco de Mayo to me! I had a feature published on today. In it, I make two key arguments with regard to unlocking the “long tail” (i.e., the millions upon millions of small businesses in the US and abroad) in the display ad* market.

Click below to read the full feature, but here are my basic arguments:

  1. In order to serve legions of small business advertisers, the display ad industry needs to address the problem of how to make high-quality banner ads quickly and cheaply.
  2. There are many potential solutions but, for now, a system like Canned Banners that offers easy-to-customize templates is the best answer to that problem.

May 5, 2010—Custom Display Creative: The Need for Speed
“In the carnival of digital marketing, there are some cool new rides in Display Ad Land. Thanks to powerful developments like retargeting and real-time bidding, the once-lowly banner ad has enjoyed a resurgence in status.” visit to read more.

* “Display ad” is simply a broader term that includes banner ads like the ones Canned Banners makes. Here’s Wikipedia’s definiton.